Love U Infinitely,

Love On U Infinity,

Love On U, 

Love Is U


Writing about my life experiences in hopes that it will help us get through difficulties together, therefore, learning to grow from mistakes/messages.


Also, we need to stay positive to heal the wounds.

ENTERTAINMENT #BlogCast on the Red Carpet

Finally let’s have profiles of people who talk the talk and walk the walk, to keep us happy, upbeat and in the know.

Motivational Message

  1. Monday Momentum it keeps developing or happening more quickly and keeps becoming less likely to stop. (
  2. Tuesday Thought think or hope for the best
  3. Wednesday Wellness stay healthy and strong
  4. Thursday Thirst for more words of encouragement
  5. Friday Foundation to stabilize. start new, prepare and rest the weekend, it will get better next week                   

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