Summer Heartbreak





The solemn flow of my tears reminded me of the summer grandma passed

It was Summer of ’87, while in high school  I worked at the community college daycare center, my heart beat like a drum from my mourning

Grandma’s lasting light was gone, tormenting my shallow feelings to go dim in the distance

forged ahead with the demanding jaws of life

With my bare hands, picking up the pieces, damn right, got up off my ass and went to work

The taste of Tennessee Whiskey filled my stomach with pain and despair yet made me happy again

Returning to a home of mystery under the California sun.

A new career came calling, stepping-stones of fear would hit me in the face

Uneasy I waited tables at small café, where the cook prepared a delightful Monte Cristo sandwich, the best in Beverly Hills

Graduating from college, I took a Customer Service job forsaking my writing degree after meeting a handsome guy, named Michael

Falling in love set the tone of another heartbreak,  perpetuated by sexual pleasure most desired

Marrying Michael unfortunately not for long

Blaming Michael for my disenchantment

The chances I pushed away and didn’t take, destroyed my passion for succeeding in business as usual

As always planning ahead by saving my time and energy on being new and renewable




@Real Ramelle

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