Restraining Order

Restraining Order

Today begins another saga, just when my mind is at ease, the dirt of my past rears its ugly head. I am receiving the annoying phone calls from my ex; the nerve of him to start things up again, this charges my reaction to the cycle of my domestic endurance. The preparation of discovering what obstacles are trying to be cast my way is interesting, to say the least. I am confident that I will get my peace and swag back. I prefer not discuss all the consistencies of this affair. When I won custody of our children and we divorced I thought the pain was over. My kids are the best, mom and dad issues have nothing to do with our love for them. We don’t see each other and things are great, I have no bitterness or anger.  The dysfunction is solely on his part due to a history of drug use.
My first case with him began in 2003, when he took his fist to both my eyes,  I got black eyes from the dysfunction, thus came the first restraining order. I remember the court date, the lawyer pleaded with me to testify in the case too but instead I stayed home. A mistake I find disheartening, especially when now the news flash shows a brave soul standing up for her rights and taking down the jerks. Now again I have to take charge of my life and know that my bravery will help another person or even another. I share stories like this to uplift and help others see that you are not alone, it’s very easy to pretend that nothing has happened but I believe sharing hurtful moments of the past will begin a cycle of change, a major change and shift in a good direction that will prepare more women and maybe even men to speak up, you are not alone, do not keep silent.

Love shouldn’t hurt or put bruises on your body

For more information please visit National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

******My ex-husband did deeply apologize for everything and now suffers Mental Illness, I wish him well*****



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  1. I am also a domestic violence survivor, and my abuser recently re-entered my life as well. I was able to get my restraining order renewed for a year but…I’m worried it won’t be again after that.

    1. Please log on to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It will be fine, also get involved with a support group in your area. You are already doing good by talking about it.

  2. Girl, this is so not fair!!! Nobody owns the others so they can do whatever they want with their life, body, spirit.
    I know it is hard, but don’t give up!!! Know that God is always by your side, and no matter what, you are not alone!!!
    Keep your head up, rise, and shine!
    I am here if you need a shoulder to try on, or to laugh out loud on life!!!
    Bless you!!!

  3. Wow what a powerful post and picture!! Thank you for sharing your story! You are going to help SO many people going through this…it’s so important for others to not feel alone. Thank you for being such a strong person!!

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