Temperment of Time

I relax in knowing what I can achieve owning my mystic truth, see my life goes in and out of balance. Movement displaces my thoughts, the agony of defeat I try to resist, the depths that reach the cluttered noisy slice of time are annoyances. I stare down the uncommon ground below my feet as if I am standing on a tumbleweed, prancing back and forth. I am in deep transition, feeling like everything I fear is next to me. My stomach is in knots, I ask myself, “How pray tell will I endure?’

Then in a tailspin, I know my restlessness begins as a result of putting pride aside. My mind tells me to believe, these disastrous endeavors cannot destroy the fabric of my soul. Its time to exercise my mind and speak with dire sense and sensibility. Enchantment tales are more profound because the elastic of the bodies’ morsels and follicles remain intact. Consequently, my heart embraces good and valuable information.

What do I believe in? A higher power or myself. I believe in a higher power. Life can be limitless, so perpetuate the power of positivity. Therefore, feel the room, now fill the room with enriching devices, leave yourself little notes telling about how great you are. First of all take advice from people who are good to you, begin to laugh out loud and when asked, simply state in a delicate enunciation, “Because I am happy.”

My temperament cannot take the time

***Sometimes I love to end blogs with names of songs because music to me beings depth because I love music***


“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

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