5 steps to Avoid an Unhealthy Relationship

Favor the Love, Challenge the Battleground, Here is How You Win



The interactions of men and women make the focal point of a relationship, establishing a potential to ignite the flame of love.  Seeing that other person makes your eyes dance out of your head, shattering any room for abnormalities.

Have you ever stepped into a world wind relationship battleground that appeals to you?  Not one person has the dominance or greatest instinct on how to master the art of love. There are winners and losers in this game; all it takes is a sense of greater knowledge that the bare minimum reveals the goodness in our hearts, finding the goal to capture another person infiltrates a lasting relationship. Favor the love because all of us go through power struggles and issues in life that pull us together.

Figuring out the boundaries of love can be hard to set aside.  Elaborating on thoughts like; does he/or she feel the same? Really, doing this only makes matters more complicated. We live in a world of inclusion yet the seclusion of our feelings eludes our accomplishments to just have fun.

Of course, spontaneous love can be deceiving. The idea is to take advantage and absorb what you have now. Take everything in stride and be happy in your relationship, in other words, sip the cup of tea and enjoy.

Challenge the Battleground

We live in a world of delusion, letting life’s pressures deny us of carrying out a relationship to full potential. Oftentimes looks are deceiving but find a way to manage feelings to coincide with togetherness. Try not to judge for any reason that may constrict a clear vision of love, guide your heart to a better authority meeting your needs and anticipations. Enjoy the company of those who provide stability or enables peace in your heart which stabilizes your foundation. In the scheme of it, be smart, give yourself a chance to take things day by day, step by step, pull through because, in reality, we all need lasting love.

Relationship Advice

My 5 Guidelines to Avoid an Unhealthy Relationship

An unhealthy relationship is one that can involve physical, mental or verbal abuse from a man or woman. Becoming involved in a toxic relationship is not good, I experienced it and survived.

5. Take your time when choosing a mate. Many of us do not like being alone and want certain needs met, just always know that you are valuable, the purpose in your life is to be healthy, strong, vibrant on top of your worth which is as great as gold. Today with various options like online dating, dating apps, chat groups, group opt-ins, friendships, hookups, out and about run-ins; please make sure to choose the right investment for your time and energy, achieving a well-rounded relationship.

 4. Stop complaining, whining, and have fun. Make the time on a first date easy-going and pleasurable. Therefore, think about the fun of getting to know someone with great conversation and good expectations. Sometimes good conversations are not simple but think about being open, honest and nice about it. Communication can present frustration just take time to present the best of yourself without being demanding or aggressive.

3. Be careful of what you say and how you say it. Please understand you have a right to have an opinion, and anyone who tries to take that away is wrong; consider maybe we all come from a different path maybe a bit obscure; the structure of ways of thinking and experiences are ever-changing, rather if someone has a specific viewpoint of a subject, let them speak, allow your mind time to filter, in other words, try not to judge.

2. Only tell those who you truly trust about who you love. Try to involve your family, friends, anybody you know that has your best interest at heart about the possibilities of falling in love. Get over the fear factor that leads into thoughts of what will “they” think of me for being with this person, it is better to let others know especially in cases where a relationship is threatening, or abnormal, simply take a stand.

1. Leave.  In situations that are deemed harmful, it is best to leave. Consequently, there are instances of playing around, love taps, horseplay or even erotic foreplay that get out of hand, but forceful punches, knockouts and damaging slaps with hand or open fist are not cool. An open, honest relationship should build trust and appreciation that distributes patience as well as pleasure. Lastly, if a relationship comes to the point of aggravation look very closely at the situation and re-evaluate the circumstances. In conclusion, none of us deserves abuse from the hands of a partner, loved one or mutual friend and should this occur do whatever it takes to protect yourself from harm and stay safe.

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