Hot Profile Piece: Pole Dance Fitness

Christina Villegas, Owner of Flying Curves Studio

Christina Villegas owns Flying Curves Dance Studio and is creator/producer of Goddesses Empowered: The Show. Christina is a dance teacher, a women’s empowerment coach, choreographer, burlesque and pole performer. She has spent over a decade working as a reality TV producer and the last nine years teaching the art of pole dancing.

I first met Christina in August of last year when I decided I wanted to learn pole fitness. I did a Google search and made an appointment to get started. I have always been involved in fitness/exercise, I was a cheerleader in junior high, and performed as a color guard in high school, so fitness and dance have always been a way of life for me. My first class at Flying Curves Studio was very comfortable and easy. What I like most about Christina is that she makes you feel very welcome and confident about pole dancing; there may be fears if this is something you have never tried but it is a wonderful experience.

Flying Curves Studio is the only place where a woman can be free to discover another part of herself that she may not know exists. In her own words, this is how Christina sees her vision, “Flying Curves Studio is where dance is ageless, shapes are endless, and you are fearless”. When I am dancing, I am sure that my movements are on display for the benefit to help me withstand the stress of the day.At Flying Curves Studio, you feel sexy, you are sexy and no mirror gets to dictate that”. Christina has a clear perception on helping students know their sexy is outstanding, she adds “To see the women grow into the best versions of themselves and to see their life changing for the positive through taking my classes has been so beautiful and awe-inspiring”. 

As a man or woman pole dancing can be a blossoming adventure, I command to know my boundaries and look forward to accomplishing the stamina and the effort of pole fitness. What is also interesting is that for the past five years, Christina has produced, performed in and choreographed an entire musical show called Goddess Empowered the Show. This show is put on by the studio twice a year and the majority of the women in the show has never danced or performed, and it is amazingly done in only four months of training”. I know how amazing the show is because I performed in it for the first time this year and it was a very special experience. Christina makes it fun and you absorb all the hard work you put in and you get so much love and affection from her joy in watching her students excel.It’s cool when the group pieces come together and I see my vision materialize. I love telling a story through dance because it keeps the audience engaged and the performer satisfied and accomplished.If you want to learn more about Flying Curves Dance Studio, please click the link below to find out more or visit

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  1. Super cool–I’ve always wanted to learn more about this. From videos and images it sometimes seems like they are defying gravity! Speaking of, have you ever tried Aerial silks? That’s also on my list.

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