Makings of a Mother

The Makings of a Mother

The seed sprouts in the womb of a triumphant human being we know as the female species. The female bears the children into the world and she then becomes a mother. The mother is a guaranteed source of information and comfort in times of crisis. The mother carries the confidence that captures the heart and soul of an empty man desperate for her attention. The grace of her movement paints the picture of favor which calms the attack to the deadliest sea creature. The passion of her care can startle a tiger to tame his growl. The landscape of the trials and errors she faces surpasses many moons of catastrophe that stirs the stable flames of fire underneath the claws of the earth. The beauty of her heart stores unbreakable trauma, pain, a brilliant flair for life and love.

The makings of my mother, your mother, and mothers who are caretakers for others are shaped and molded by trials and tribulations that we endure only to come out of situations as conquerors. Find a woman, or if you see a woman in need take some time to maybe ask, Is your day going okay? You may seem surprised by the answer. For now, today, tomorrow and everyday show love or support to women who strive to do better, bring about change and who invest their time in acts of kindness to fortify souls.


Happy Mother’s Day

Real Ramelle

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  1. Yes, I am most grateful for my mother and my wife. I have to say though that I disagree with Mothers Day, and the same for Fathers Day. You shouldn’t need a day like this to tell your Mother how much you love and appreciate her. It’s also a day that the likes of a Florist rises their prices 🙂

    1. This true but for some, we have to set aside a day just to get them pampering, Thank you so much for your input. Have a wonderful day, from here on.

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