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JP Cali Smoov

On April 1, 2017, I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most intense performances by Hip Hop Artist and Entrepreneur from the Westside JP Cali Smoov (hold up those dubs). Yes, it was a phenomenal experience the entire place was lit. John Paul Misquez nee (JP Cali Smoov) is keeping West Coast hip hop bursting with superb energy, never to say it left but his passion is just as present as any past West Coast artist. Especially since I was raised on rap, I definitely should know. Hip Hop music is in my blood, and very much alive and thriving. JP Cali Smoov’s performance of his hit single, Already Hit It soared throughout RiverRock in Studio City along with other guest performances who were themselves quite unique. JP Cali Smoov is a leading man in the industry, one of the top champion battle rappers having earned a Lead Role, in a Reality Web Show hosted, starring, and produced By Snoop Dogg called “Take Flight On Site” Snoopadelic Films.


  JP Cali Smoov has his feet planted to success, not only as a hip hop artist, actor, and aspiring clothing designer with launching his Black Sheep Club clothing line, transforming the game his way. I was surprised by the demeanor of the crowd; everyone was friendly and polite. It took me to a new level of admiration for the hip hop movement. I know that many people think of hip hop artists in negative aspect but that is the farthest from the truth.  I want to touch on the fact that JP Cali Smoov is also an overcomer. He spent his early childhood in and out of the foster care system in Los Angeles until he moved to Chicago as a teenager. While traveling to a performance in Indiana, he was involved in a fatal car crash that took the life of his two best friends making him the lone survivor. After heart surgery from a torn aorta, broken arm, and rigorous rehabilitation he made hip hop music his passion. That alone should inspire anyone to take charge of life and know that negativity can turn into positivity, it takes you believing in yourself. I know JP Cali Smoov has the ability, determination, and talent as becoming a major force in hip-hop, watch and see.

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