Lessons Out Loud

Tie dye colors are beaming in and out of my imagination as I sit somberly outside the doorway of our love. When I would stare into his amazing eyes I knew all things mattered. While making love to him my eyes watched the ceiling cave in smashing the wall plaster on top of our bodies leaving not one single cut, bruise, or bodily injury. A copy of his diary appeared to me from an acquaintance of who wanted me to have it. I knew this was real because it bared his name and the penmanship was as neat and brilliant as if he just signed it. The plot thickened and was laid out like a beautiful landscape when she told me they had been together. Yes, he made love to another woman; the pain weakened me to the very core, my soul landed smack square apart from my spirit. I needed to see a ray of light, a hint of positivity would put me at ease, and then I begin to pray for any glare or glimmer of hope to magnify the feelings of regret. The ambiguous sun was beaming brightly in my life until his fist punched me like a blow torch to my heart, and he just watched me melt away in the dead of winter cold; then he laughed as the snow turned red and walked away leaving my body bleeding with no sign of remorse. Voices are talking, talking, talking loud and louder yet I hear silence. I demand respect for the suffering in my heart but I refuse to argue over foreskin.

      Any and all of my relationships from this day forward are now considered private; I do and will not discuss these controversies with any human soul, only the glorious one knows. Relationships can be unbearable, the game has changed but we still carry the same nonsense, bullshit, misunderstandings coming from way back to the days of old until now. If you think I sound silly or absurd just watch the Steve Harvey show and look at how many women are present in his audience. This concludes that women as a whole search so often it’s obvious for a woman to find someone who she already knows is not perfect. The intent of lessons out loud clarifies how much pain we endure as we release the madness and reveal the truth about relationship indiscretions. When you truly love someone and understand the levels of your emotions and actions, I assure that you will retrieve a better thought on dealing with indiscretions and rely on the balance of your heart.


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