One Year In

One Year In

I have the dubious honor of having a great side gig, blogging. How I got started? I became interested in writing at a very young age. Therefore my passion for writing has turned into blogging. I am not a full-time paid blogger as of yet, that day will come. Right now it is a side gig, meaning something I love to do aside from my full-time paid gig. Most noteworthy, Blogging is a tool of expression. If I want to discuss a certain topic, I just put pen to paper. Consequently,  the real work comes in getting people to read what you write. Yet this pet peeve has been my biggest forte to cinch, everyone has their own ideas, the best option is to continue, in addition, it only takes one person to see what they like then others will come, for now, I just have fun.

Blogging as a Business
Business ideas always change and differentiate the existence. Some people have a keen sense of maintaining what is the good and bad business. Many will succeed in business and rather some will fail. The key is not to get discouraged, the better and positive vibrations flow from your brand, the better. No one has the best idea or formula, just keep pushing out good work and things will fall together like the perfect form. Especially relevant is that Blogging is a very heavily saturated genre with people competing for an appearance to land at the top. First of all, the job finally becomes for you to stand out and most of all make sure that your standards stay profitable and prosperous. This is your business, either your brand is the promotion into getting traffic, notoriety and a significant social media following.

Monetizing a Blog
The best advantage of getting traffic is also in part due to monetizing your blog. Furthermore, the most intriguing advice for this is Problogger (Darren Rowse). As of yet, I have not mastered this form.
Your brand is who you are and the innovative marketing techniques, steps you take to build it. What is your niche? Answer: what are you the best at, cooking, sewing, baking, beauty, hair, writing, speaking, business and the list could go on…..
As a result of all your hard work, this is as plain and simple as it gets.

Happy Posting

*****Below are photos of the fabulous fashion show I attended from Fashion Designer Pia Gladys Perey, Congratulations to You*****

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