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Ramelle (formerly known as SationalRam) sits at the throne of her entrepreneurial start-up, a lifestyle/motivational/entertainment blog. I got the inspiration out of the longing to be a great writer. I was born in Los Angeles until mom split from daddy and we moved to Tennessee where my grandmother nurtured, and raised me to love God and treat everyone with respect. I was bullied as a child due to alopecia areata, now I have turned the trauma into triumph.

I want to be recognized as a writer, a woman who is full of drive with purpose to make this world better. I launched my website as a cyber meeting room for women to share personal stories, have an outlet for diverse perspectives, and use blogging as a tool of introspection, self-promotion, drive and ability to be a role model to women. My hope is to share heartfelt celebrity personal stories, promote positive images of woman of color, empower, educate, and inspire people with up-to-minute news about lifestyle, relationships, motivation, to keep you wanting more of out this beautiful life. Los Angeles is my home and I share it with my three beautiful children.


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