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Not Selfish, Self-Care, Take Care

The idea for Ramelle Carter Blog, came as a result, of my Degree in Journalism. I have always had joy in writing, therefore allow me to share incredible stories, captivate you with positive quotes and stimulate thinking.

WHO IS RAMELLE? Born in Los Angeles, I moved to my other hometown Memphis, Tennessee after mommy and daddy split up, I was primarily raised by my grandmother who nurtured and taught me to love and treat others with respect. Bullied as a child from having alopecia areata, I am now turning trauma into triumph. 

 I strive to be a dedicated artist full of drive and purpose. This website is where I share personal stories, in hopes, it will become an outlet to help others. “Elevated by wanting more good things out of this beautiful life.”

Thank You


“Love On U Infinity”, or 

“Love On U Infinitely” is what I believe can balance a good lifestyle and lead to a  healthy relationship pattern for embracing your own inner beauty, one step at a time. let Ramelle tell you how through her own real life experiences.

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