I most graciously sit at the helm of my entrepreneurial start-up, a Lifestyle/Motivational/Entertainment blog. This idea came from a love for writing, therefore please allow me to share incredible stories, captivate you with positive dialogue hence changing the perception on Blogging in general. 

WHO IS RAMELLE? Born in Los Angeles, we moved to Memphis, Tennessee after mommy and daddy split up, I was primarily raised by my grandmother who nurtured and taught me to love and treat others with respect. Bullied as a child from having alopecia areata, I am now turning trauma into triumph. There are many blogs to choose from; my blog is here to awaken issues, burdens, struggles and make an adjustment to build a trust and help to be a breakthrough on things in your life, we can combat them together, I do not have a medical or psychological degree but my degree is my life challenges and hurdles that I have defeated.

 I strive to be a trailblazing Indie Blogger, dedicated artist full of drive and purpose to make this world better. This website is a cyber meeting room for women and men to share personal stories, have an outlet for diverse perspectives, and use blogging as a tool of introspection, self-promotion, honesty and ability to be a role model to the world. My hope is to share heartfelt celebrity personal stories, promote positive images of woman of color, empower, educate, and inspire people through poems or short stories about different lifestyle struggles, relationships, motivation, to get people equipped in wanting more good things out of this beautiful life. 


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