7 Seven Ways to Keep A Lover, You Decide

Love Should Be An Everyday Holiday







Good Sex – Number one on my list, no explanation needed



Explore – Do you see things on an equal playing field? Desire is an essential explanation to benefit the certainty of having a good relationship. How many of us actually take a pen to paper and write down relationship goals? If so, Genius of Love is in your category then good for you, sounds like a something to strive for in a manner certain to attain peace and happiness.

Train– First and foremost none of us are animals that need to be trained. What I mean is that although sometimes in relationships we want our lovers to do and be a certain way because maybe it is the best way for us to deal with. If anyone knows or not, let him/her be whoever they want, whether you are straight or gay. Let bygones be bygones and move on. Train a pet, not a mate


Balance-I always looks for balance in my relationships, not to say they all turn out perfect. give and take maybe some essential structures. Both have to take time to conjure specific sparks that flow to the same tastes.


   Trap-Never works, Stick a fork in it, Done

Maybe trap queen or king? That may work

Money– Save it, Keep it, Share it, Give it away

Besides. Can’t take it with you, but the fact is, Please discuss civilly.

Love – Loaded noun or verb, however, saying it takes preparation, use the word “love” wisely.




Still In this Month of Love, Keep Celebrating



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